Ready camp in a few minutes.
The journey into the wild places and comfort are seemingly incompatible concepts, but not in our century, when there are so many useful inventions. One of them is a tent, but not ordinary, which is installed on the ground, it is a car one, which is mounted on the vehicle`s roof. Tent on the car`s roof protects from the rain and the cold night wind, the insects and ground animals will not penetrate into it, if precipitation have falled or you had to stop at the area, covered with damp mud, tilt and bottom of temporary home do not need to be cleaned, and subsequently washed. Tent itself and leading ladder to it can be mounted just in one minute; to put the tent and attach an additional first floor you need adittional 5 minutes - and the home is ready. Sleeping area with width of 140cm and length of 235cm is enough to sleep with comfort. It is noteworthy that neither mattress nor bedding stuffs shuold be taken after sleep - the tent is arranged in such way that everything stays inside and does not require any place in the passenger or luggage compartment of the car. Easy folding ladders made from aluminum is always with you, and will not take place in the car`s trunk, because it is mounted to the upper part of tent`s base, and when transporting it is hidden under a waterproof cover that securely saves your tent and a folding ladder from moisture and damage.

Car tent will become a comfortable home.
The car tent itself is a refuge on the vehicle`s roof - is strange and unusual for our tourists, but people surround will be more surprised when in less than five minutes, while they were getting their tents and sleeping bags and prepared to camp device, you will build a real house. The secret is that the manufacturer has thought a very useful option: clipped first floor and sun blind. Spacious section with a waterproof bottom, which is mountable on one side of the car, can serve as additional sleeping compartment, and also can serve as a repository for the camping equipment, food supplies, fishing and hunting accessories. On the other hand, the car tent is building up by a dense canopy (blind), which is able to protect the members of the expedition from the sun and rain. You can add a wall with mosquito nets to it - and neither while fishing nor hunting or just traveling across the virgin nature corners the mosquitoes and midges are not a big deal for you. To collect such cars tent on the car`s roof is as easy as disassembled. In the morning, when all are packing their articles, you assemble your home in a few minutes and drink your coffee in relax, indulgently glancing at less organized friends. And it should be noted that the attachment of car tent is uneversal and is suited to any lateral or longitudinal rails.


- Mattress 235 x 140 x 6 cm (of high density) 1 pc.
- Waterproof Carrying Case x1
- Stakes x2
- Stretchings x2
- Aluminum rods for windows x8
- Set for mounting on the car`s roof x1

- Unfolded - 140 x 320 x 130 cm
- Folded - 140 x 120 x 30 cm
- Weight: 54 kg.

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