Three meters of comfort
Home on the roof: it is already had been said and written a lot about, but everyone who wants to spend the night on the nature and considering such options is interested in the main question: how much is it comfortable? It is obvious that the roof area is not so big, for not crowding together, and also you shuold pick up there and not to fall ... such everyday moments are guaranteed turning not only in the crew`s head but also in the family members heads.

But the benefits of car camping is difficult to dispute. Among the most visible and obvious ones are two, which is enough to make a decision. First is the contact absence of bottom with the ground, so the situation where a tent has to be put in a muddy dirt or stones is excluded, because "ground" tents have no other variants.

ColumbusOverZone car tent is an adequate response "to Carlson" decisions for skeptics. Unfolded sizes is 320 x 140 x 130 cm - rare "ground" tent can boasts with a width of almost three and a half meters! A huge two-storey closing vestibule around the ladder can hold an almost infinite number of tourist equipment, fishing or hunting supplies, food and other things. The ladder itself serves as an additional point of support. Reliability of the construction is provided by a powerful framework, which significantly increase the weight of the tent (but what is 54 kg for roof rails?), but it guarantees its inviolability. In this case even the "Princess and the Pea" can not complain about the lack of the mattress comfort, which ColumbusOverZoneis car tent is equipped with.

You don`t need to think how to put the tent in the trunk while ColumbusOverZone transporting. This is stationary structure, which attached to the vehicle roof rail one time. No additional bags or sacks with the frame, pegs and other accessories: everything is folding in a waterproof case, including even the ladder. And the main thing is bringing the tents ready for the rest in a few minutes! While you tourism frends will lay their tents, get out sleeping bags and covers karemat - you will have time to drink a cup of coffee from the road and catch your first pike.


- Mattress 235 x 140 x 6 cm (of high density) 1 pc.
- Waterproof Carrying Case x1
- Aluminum rods for windows x8
- Set for mounting on the car`s roof x1

- Unfolded - 140 x 320 x 130 cm
- Folded - 140 x 120 x 30 cm
- Weight: 53 kg.

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