Permit to freedom
When we think about traveling, for example about "all inclusive"system traveling, we have a variety of variants, but have you thought about cartravelling? If you really want to feel free and independent in planning your holidays or just a weekend, it is an excellent choice for you: a cartravelling with «Columbus» tent.

«ColumbusMaggiolina» is your permit to freedom, to the pristine beauty of nature, to distant and unexplored roads, away from the daily hustle and bustle. Wherever you are, whatever car you are travelling on, you will unfold a comfortable tent in seconds. No matter what you have under your feet: mud or swamp, stones or asphalt, you do not need to install any tents because car tent have been already installed on your car`s roof.

You will find a plenty of space for your travel accessories inside this tent. You will be able to embark on a halt, or to withdraw from it for a few seconds with this home on your machine. You will discover a new kind of vacation such as caravanning.

Idea on the roof
Tents which are installed on the roof is an Italian invention, first implemented in 1958. Such tents have undergone constant development and improvement during this time, and today are recognized an important helpers for tourists and travelers.

Columbus it's not just a name, but also a way of life, which enables people to enjoy outdoor recreation with comfort and safety, whether they go on a picnic in the small family car or go for the extreme off - road trip on heavy SUV cars.


- Tent material: durable polyester with a polyurethane coating, waterproof, fireproof and UV resistant
- Top and bottom (bearing) part is made of fiberglass.
- All tents have two doors (one on each side) and two windows.
- Mattress: 50% cotton of high density and 50% synthetic, with thickness of 6 cm.
- Aluminium ladder with case is supplied with a tent.
- Mini lamp and various pockets for accessories (watches, phones, newspapers, magazines ...)
- Set for mounting on the car`s the roof x1

- Unfolded - 215 x 130 x 100 cm
- Folded - 215 x 130 x 30 cm
- Weight: 56 kg

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