When folded, this unique tent reminds traditional aerobox. Indeed, there is much generic between these auto accessories. For example, the easiness of installation in the standard car cross, excellent aerodynamics, thanks to which AirTop (medium) does not affect on the car's handling and on fuel consumption. The modern design of the tent with the sporting character will complement the car exterior.

But let`s back to the wild nature conditions. Here AirTop (medium) is converted into comfortable accommodation right on the car`s roof in a few seconds. Its advantages over the traditional tourist tent are especially relevant while the rain and in the case when the ground beneath your feet is not very favorable for camping life. You have to agree that pitching tent in the muddy ground or sharp stones is not a pleasant occupation.

AirTop is an absolutely waterproof tent, because it has a hard top from glass fiber and the same bottom. The walls are made of durable polyester with a polyurethane coating. This material is resistant to sunlight, do not miss the water and meets the standards of fire safety. Two entrance doors provide not only an opportunity to go out from either side of the car, but also excellent ventilation while hot weather. There is a comfortable mattress inside the home, lamp and plenty of pockets and pouches for various accessories: phones, watches, books, magazines and other things, which are necessary for modern people for comfortable rest even far away from civilization.

There is everything you need for AirTop installlation and staying in this unique house: a set of mounting accessories and necessary tools, as well as a ladder to get into your home.

AirTop is completely new possibilities for people with high demands for comfort on holiday. Comfortable camping in any corner of nature in a few seconds is a real gift for those who value their time and know how to enjoy the true beauty.


- Tent material: durable polyester with a polyurethane coating, waterproof, fireproof and UV resistant
- Top and bottom (bearing) part is made of fiberglass.
- All tents have two doors (one on each side) and two windows.
- Mattress: 50% cotton of high density and 50% synthetic with 6 cm thickness
- Aluminium ladder with the case is supplied with tent.
- Mini lamp and various pockets for accessories (watches, phones, newspapers, magazines ...)
- Set for mounting on the car`s roof x1

- Unfolded - 215 x 145 x 100 cm
- Folded - 215 x 145 x 30 cm
- Weight: 70 kg.

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