Straight blind

Straight comfort with no worries!
The main advantage of Columbus car bind (straight) to the overwhelming majority of tent structures is a unique solution for its transporting. When folded, it is nothing more than a small lateral extension to the cross rails. The mounting kit which is included in set allows you to lock the canopy in any cross pieces - the main thing that they were in the car at all.

Now, after Columbus car blind (straight) is firmly established on the rails, you can forget about it until a certain moment. Because it does not take place, it does not prevent to load-unload the top box, if it excist, does not reduce the railing functional for placement the additional traveler accessories such as bicycles, skis and so on. But at the right moment a couple of simple manipulation - and secure roof will protect the crew from the sun and rain while the picnic, fishing, hunting or just traveling on the dining halt. Thanks to the robust aluminum frame construction is not afraid of the wind.


- Tent x1
- Waterproof Carrying Case x1
- Stakes x2
- Stretchings x2
- Set for mounting on the car`s roof x1

- Folded - 18 x 16 x 250 (300) cm
- Area while unfolded: 6 (7.5) sq.m.
- Weight: 12 (15) kg.

- Green
- Beige

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