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Harp comfort
In front of you a unique tent construction that provides reliable protection against rain and sunlight for the whole family or a small company. After all, nature is unpredictable: it is possible to come to the picnic or the beach in perfect weather, and after a half an hour not to know where to hide from the heavy rain or sunstroke. Columbus harp car blind allows avoiding such troubles: having it, even the most powerful storm will turn into pleasant gatherings under the sound of thunder and flashes of lightning.

The name "Harp" reveals the essence of the design: it opens like a harp and covers 10 square meters to hide not only the company which is sitting near the table from rain, but also the car`s trunk to give the possibility of restocking food for this table. The aluminum frame makes sure reliability of car blind even under severe winds, which can be accompanied by heavy rain.

Tent with area of 10 "squares" with a durable frame may not occupy any space in the trunk. Yes! This is possible with ColumbusAwning, which is equipped with a set of mounting to any car rails. Thus, firstly, it is not necessary to search the version for your car, and then not to know what to do with it when selling. And secondly, the variant when you can`t take tent because of the reason "no where to put" is excluded (very popular problem even for seasoned tourists, who is able to fold "Tetris" in the trunk, isn`t it?), and then the picnic is suddenly interrupted, though weather forecasters promised a clear day.

Columbus harp car tent is a reliable companion for car tourists that does not require extra "cubes" in the trunk or box. Optionally equipped with side walls with mosquito screens (link). Annoying gnats will be behind your holiday of nature unity with this addition.

Thanks to robust aluminum frame construction is not afraid of the wind, and, if desired, it can be equipped with walls which are contains mosquito screens:


- Tent x1
- Waterproof Carrying Case x1
- Stakes x2
- Stretchings x2
- Set for mounting on the car`s roof x1

- Walls with mosquito screens x6

- Folded - 18 x 16 x 200 (250) cm
- Area while unfolded: 8 (10) sq.m.
- Weight: 15 (17) kg.

- Green
- Beige

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